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Lounge room Decorating Ideas - How We Used Our Bath Panel in the Living Room

A little more than 12 years prior we acquired our first family home in the unbelievable City of Robin Hood Nottingham. As cash was tight we needed to extend our financial plans and be amazingly inventive. This included utilizing our old shower board as a major aspect of the stylistic theme in the receiving area.  

Lounge room Decorating Ideas

Sounds like and intriguing test isn't that right? Well here is the means by which everything came to fruition.

The home we obtained is in a truly verdant suburb of the city. Both my accomplice and I had ventured up moving to this region and chose to purchase the best house we could bear the cost of in the best region. I figure we had taken to heart the mantra 'area, area, area'.

Subsequently we wound up with a genuine fixer-upper that required gigantic redesign. In our new home all the floorboards and joists where spoiled, the windows required changing in addition to we required new electric, gas and warming administrations. The greenhouse was to some degree Jurassic looking in spite of the fact that it had some fabulous flower hedges in. All things considered we had tackled an enormous cash depleting errand.

Not to be debilitated we start transforming our recently obtained venture into a home. One of the appealing parts of the house was all the first 1930's elements. This included incredible inside entryways which we got stripped professionally furthermore some truly pleasant unique cast iron chimneys.

The chimneys truly made a focal component in both the feasting and family room ranges. However both chimneys required some genuine work and frantically required restoring.

We utilized unique chemicals to take off all the old residue and singe marks from the flames themselves. At that point we uprooted and supplanted the wooden encompasses with new ones which had a provincial vibe and kept up the general look.

The test came when we uprooted the hearth in our lounge. Supplanting this appeared to be truly troublesome. Firstly we didn't have much cash which restricted our decision of new tiles. Truth be told we wound up taking a gander at many tile swatches from the financial backing ranges which whilst decent did not fit in with the entire subject of the room.

It was then that I had a propelled thought. Two or three days before we tore out and supplanted our old shower from the family restroom. Truth be told right now it was perched on our garage holding up to be stacked into a skip and brought down to the landfill. My accomplice had remarked about the beautiful dark marble board and how it was a disgrace to dump it. My thought was to take this and get it chop down to be utilized as our new fire hearth.


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